Mission Stories: Healthcare

Polygeist conducts fundamental research into solutions that can automate the provision of evidence for clinicians. We work to speed up the analysis of complex procedures such as biopsies and neuropathology, and analyse complex multi-variate datasets to identify cohorts of patients to target for specific interventions.

Our legacy of work in the Defence & Security sphere has provided us with the toolkit to build incredibly accurate, fast, and ethical solutions for the analysis of medical data and production of systems which operate in a secure and audited fashion on well-protected data holdings. Unlike many companies, we never seek to control our customers’ data, preferring to deploy targeted technical integrations into existing infrastructure.

Our flagship LTSS product, delivered through Polygeist Health, has been co-developed with NHS to give clinicians and staff an accurate, automated estimated discharge date, risk of long stay score, and to highlight key risk factors to patients in their care.

LTSS: Accurately predicting the road to recovery

The patient’s roadmap can be uncertain, but like any journey, the patient and the clinician have an idea where they need to go - hopefully a healthy recovery! We’ve been...

Revolutionising Parkinson’s Disease Detection with a Litmus Test using Deep Learning

Parkinson’s Disease (PD) is a neurodegenerative disorder that affects millions of people worldwide. Advancing the study and treatment of PD means investigating the brains of those who have had PD...