Mission Stories: Law Enforcement

Polygeist is proud to work with regional and national law enforcement agencies, building operational capabilities that help to identify, triage, and prioritise media holdings for intelligence and evidence purposes.

Starting with fundamental science principles, we build explainable, accurate, and ethical signal processing and AI solutions to help deal with the mountains of data piling into every investigation. Our articles and case studies below discuss some of the techniques we have developed and pull-through to operational capability in automatic classification and prioritisation of text, images, video, and audio - and how assembling these techniques into our Ozymandias®️ system allow us to perform what one customer described as “digital evidence alchemy”.

Locating Videos Using Electromagnetic Interference

Videos of CSEA, Hostage Videos, and Extremist Propaganda represent harrowing examples where defence and security analysts are confronted with the proof of a ‘threat to life’ crime, and have only...

Fighting the data mountain with LangChain: how to deal with the rising disclosure problem

With the vast amount of media that is consumed and generated by each person, each day, the investigation of digital evidence is becoming increasingly challenging for police.

Smart Tooling for Intelligence vs Evidence

Investigators and Analysts are faced with an increasingly challenging problem: the volumes of data which they are expected to process, understand, prioritise, and act upon is enormous. The impact this...

The hunt for the camera behind the imagery

Suppose we have a photograph or video recorded during a crime by its perpetrator (think child sexual abuse material, extremist propaganda, or pictures of illicit materials used by an OCG)....