Mission Stories: Defence

Polygeist’s mission is to save lives, protect the innocent, and safeguard civil liberties. This mission is thrown into sharp relief by the support we give to those who pledge their lives to defend democracy. MOD and NATO warfighters deserve the very best technology; the most robust, the most precise, and the most rigorously tested, delivered at pace onto platforms which permit rapid deployment into operations.

Our work with defence helps to uncover the true picture of the battlefield, through analysis and synthesis of data in cyberspace, the electromagnetic spectrum, and other more sensitive capabilities. We support NATO suppliers to build faster and more accurate C-IED and C-UAS systems, protecting our troops in-theatre.

Locating Videos Using Electromagnetic Interference

Videos of CSEA, Hostage Videos, and Extremist Propaganda represent harrowing examples where defence and security analysts are confronted with the proof of a ‘threat to life’ crime, and have only...