Ozymandias will save thousands of person-hours in media triage, and have a substantial positive impact on officer welfare.

UK Law Enforcement Customer

We have worked closely with Polygeist on a particularly complex machine learning/Artificial Intelligence aspect to one of our projects. We had got to a particular stage on our own but really lacked the depth of experience and understanding required to realise the potential of the AI and produce reliable and repeatable results. Polygeist quickly got to the root of our problem and worked very quickly, with us to improve the way the AI was being used.

What we really appreciated from Polygeist was the practical application of their deep experience of machine learning and AI to solve our problems very quickly. A real “Can do” attitude working alongside us, as if they were part of our team made it really easy to work with them. We are working on another challenge with Polygeist at the moment and we really see them as being a partner to us on many projects.

Xenint Ltd