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Face Core

Real World Age Estimation

Polygeist's Face Core has the ability to automatically estimate the age of all faces in videos and photos for triage and investigation purposes.

With over 99% accuracy at identifying minors, and representative age estimates that outperform human raters, Face Core is tuned for real operational scenarios. 

Face CoreReal World Age Estimation

We don't just just match, cluster and rate faces at scale...
but also find the fakes.


with Condor

Realtime Deepfake Detection

Condor can detect nation-state level deepfakes in videos and photos at up to 18x realtime.

Using a unique training methodology we have been able to elucidate forensic markers that permeate many deepfake and dreamed face techniques.

Detections are automatically annotated with confidences and predictions about the processing techniques used; not just uncovering the deception, but describing the truth they're trying to conceal. 

Photometric Core

Image, Video, Object and Sensor Hashing

Polygeist's Photometric Core automatically produces photometric hashes, more robust than perceptual or cryptographic hashes, that can identify media in spite of heavy modification.

Photometric Core also identifies and describes objects in photos and videos, and indexes these for rapid search and media retrieval. 

Camera and smartphone sensors are automatically fingerprinted, and transformed into an efficient search hash, to identify all the media from the same physical device - without relying on fragile metadata and serial numbers.

Keeping pace with the hardest media triage problems, ‚Äčthe latest Photometric Core contains a highly sensitive non-GPS spatiotemporal location technique.


Pixel based Time and Place

Photonic Spatiotemporal Location

Working with our Law Enforcement partners, we are experimentally deploying our pixel based non-GPS location and timestamping tool in closed Alpha trials.

This technology extracts and analyses the photonic and photometric properties of video capture devices at the time of recording, providing a unique way to recover the time and place of a recording.

Operational Technology Cores



These technologies and more, available for operational deployment and bespoke integrations. Contact us today to discuss your use cases.